Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ballast Not Working How Can You Tell If A Fluorescent Light Ballast Is Bad?

How can you tell if a fluorescent light ballast is bad? - ballast not working

I know the obvious "you change the light bulb." Does anyone know the range of allowable output voltage and to examine how safe? I have many accessories and for troubleshooting and maintenance, I always end bulbs and the ballast of the disease is unknown.


  1. I think the odds of ballast, which is written on the thing itself. They vary. I know it's wrong when you reserve a frequent change of light bulbs. Finally, the burden of the sick will only burn a new set of bulbs. Why does not the date to change light bulbs and the date of exchange of ballast water in each unit? Hope this helps.

  2. After a good insight into what is usually signs of burning or overheating in doubt, change it better, because it is not easy to identify without the proper tools.